Frequently Asked Questions

How much time is involved?

Leadership Wyoming is a very time-consuming commitment. During the program year the class meets eight times betweem August and May. Each 2.5-day Session is offered in a different community around Wyoming. During the Sessions participants are FULLY engaged in program offerings from early in the morning until after dinner. While it may seem like a large time commitment, our class participants find they are energized and find it easier to “make time” than they imagined.

Can you be too young or too old?

There is no age minimum or maximum to Leadership Wyoming. The Selection Committee seeks to engage a diverse group of leaders for the 45-50 person class each year. However, it is expected that participants can offer leadership experience and perspectives within the class. This typically requires applicants to have a minimum of five years in a leadership position within their company, community, or state. In addition, applicants must be able to engage in 12-hour days of scheduled events. Please contact us if you have a more specific inquiry.

will I get accepted the first time I apply?

Leadership Wyoming is highly competitive. Many applicants will apply two or three times before being accepted into the program. The Selection Committee places a high value on geographic diversity as well as industry/sector representation. If there are several people applying from your line of work or your community, the process is even more competitive.

What if I am going to miss one of the sessions?

All Leadership Wyoming Sessions are considered mandatory. We encourage potential applicants to wait until a year they can commit to all of the dates before applying. We know that unexpected emergencies can come up, so we do have an attendance and make-up policy that can be found on the application and in course materials.

how much does the entire program cost?

Tuition for Leadership Wyoming for the Class of 2020 was $3,000 per person. This includes the program experiences, materials, and meals provided at the Session. Class participants are required to pay for their own travel and lodging. While there are cost saving options available, we estimate the total cost of the program to be between $5,000-$8,000 depending on personal preferences and travel location. We do have scholarship options available.

can i do it with a Colleague or family member?

Immediate family members will not be selected for the same Leadership Wyoming Class. It is also highly unlikely that two employees of the same company (for a small company) or branch/division (for a large company) will be selected for the same Class. Please contact us if you have more specific questions.